Boardmaps software and its companion software, BoardPaq, enable your team to discuss files and collaborate built in. The app helps people communicate and share facts, whilst e-signatures and voting gear help make important decisions instantly. Both tools are important for businesses of all sizes.

Boardmaps and BoardPaq are cloud-based collaboration tools that make it easy to manage conferences and share data files. The software features e-signatures and voting devices, as well as a useful interface. It is applications also allow users to upload papers in real time, as well as its minutes program helps you trail and maintain the participants.

BoardPaq is a more complex version of BoardMaps. It allows you to create and manage agendas, add topics and assign jobs. Additionally, it provides access to records on the run. BoardPaq also includes a voting program, which makes it simple for administrators to distinguish tasks amongst board online marketers.

Both BoardPaq and BoardMaps will be web-based applications that allow board customers to track their period, and speak with their acquaintances. They also let users to upload docs, vote about them, and watch the presence of aboard meetings. Users can also make use of BoardPaq to run meetings slightly.